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Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival is Back

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival

Moto has opened up the Super Adventure Box to one and all for the annual Super Adventure Festival!


From March 29th – April 19th we can visit Asuran genius Moto’s Super Adventure Box.

Make sure to visit the release page to play the game Rytlock Critter Rampage as well. Also, Princess Miya will have some exclusive rewards to choose from during this event. Combine your collected Shimmer Baubles to create Bauble Bubbles, and then trade them to Moto for awesome prizes like weapon skins, guild-hall decorations, and yesssss the boom boxes are back playing the greatest music ever from the Super Adventure Box tunes.

What are you waiting for fire up Guild Wars 2 and get start playing Super Adventure Box right away!

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