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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Ghost War – Update #4 – New Assignment

The fourth free Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War update, New Assignment, brings you 3 new classes and 2 new maps for the Extraction game mode.


The new update will be released March 14th, New Assignment.

New Assignment will have a ton of new content to Ghost War, including three new classes, Trapper, Stalker and Guerrilla. New to Ghost War is also like all PvP games have this day and age will be a new map-voting tool, allowing players to vote for one of three possible maps at the start of every match. The is also two new maps being added to Ghost War, Refinery and Cliffside, for Extraction mode.


  • Marksmen Class
  • Sleep Tight – The trapper places remote traps which temporarily knocks-out enemies. Has the location of all downed enemies on screen.
  • Special Ability – Remotely places knock-out gas traps which temporarily stuns the triggered enemy for 2 seconds, knocked out players are vulnerable to bullets, explosions, and suppression.
  • Passively marks all downed enemies on the screen for the entire team.
  • Playstyle – Use your passive ability to locate downed enemies and defend the location place your traps to slow down the enemy, while directing your team towards them.


  • Marksmen Class
  • Covert Ops – The stalker provides long-range intel and fire support without alerting enemies.
  • Special Ability – The stalkers ability allow their shots to be silent for enemies at long range. The weapon can’t be heard nor can the sound markers be seen by them. Enemies marked by the stalker don’t receive the “Marked” notification.
  • Playstyle – The silenced shots allow for a more aggressive playstyle, fire at your enemies before they get too close to catch them off guard.


  • Support Class
  • Smoke Screen – The guerrilla uses a drone to create smoke screens for both offensive and defensive tactics.
  • Special Ability – Uses a projectile launcher drone to drop smoke bombs on the target areas. The resulting smoke screen occludes players inside or behind it. Preventing marking by aiming, binoculars or drones.
  • Playstyle – Create smoke covers to allow the safe revival of friends or cover their movements. Drop the smoke on the enemy location to have them lose sight of your team.

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